How to Buy ?

There are 2 EASY WAYS to order.

  1. Place your order online (The Quickest, Easiest Way to Order)
  2. Call us / Email us with your order

Ordering Online

The quickest and easiest way to order is online, directly from our website. Ordering through is safe and secure. Click here to learn more about our security guarantee. Just follow these simple steps to place your order.

  1. To add an item to your shopping cart, click .Add To Cart
  2. If you would like to check what is in your shopping cart, click.View Cart
  3. When you're finished shopping, click on the top left side of your screen. You'll be asked to register so you can connect to our secure server.
  4. Fill out your checkout information, including your shipping address and credit card information.
  5. Then click . We'll display a page that shows all of your order information for your final approval. Review, then click and you're done! will send you an order confirmation via e-mail.

Ordering by Phone

If you prefer to order by phone, just give us a call. We will be able to serve you better if you write down your items, sizes and quantities beforehand. Then simply call us at 6012-289 2910 or 603-6274 9492.

Ordering by Email

If you prefer to order by email, just click here and fill in the contact form with your and , we will prepare your order once we received the email.