About Us

Bakery4you is the first online Bakery located in Malaysia. Our first priority is delicious goodies that satisfy our customers.

Next, we work to maximize on the health of our customers and the minimuze the impact our production may have on the environment.

To those ends we do many things that are surprisingly still uncommon for most commercial bakeries.

For example, we will reduce the sweetness of the cookies if customer feel that is too sweet for them. Or we will deliver cookies with extra amount of certain ingredient as per cusomter request.

In addition, we open the kitchen to the public, so that our's customer can witness the birth of their favorite cakes and cookies, to ensure that the use of the pure ingredient, none preservatives and artificial pigments was added in the production process.

We also use many local seasonal ingredients, and some fair trade. We recycle and use recycled boxes for wholesale and retail packaging. We compost our food waste and even make some of our deliveries by bike.

Bakery4you goodies are 100% vegetarian friendly. This means that nothing we use requires the harming and exploitation of animals.

We hope that by choosing goodies from Bakery4you, you are left with a good feeling in your body, a good conscience, and a delicious taste in your mouth!

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