Gift Pack 02

Gift Pack 02

Gift Pack 02 contain 150 grams cookies with a Biokips Airtight storage container.


This greatly BIOKIPS Hyundai imports from South Korea legitimately used by the United States Food and Drug Administration through the detection of pollution-free materials made (PP resin and silicon), a fully enclosed performance.


BIOKIPS applied CEM_BIO technology (one of advanced bio-technologies) to plastic materials which emit far infrared rays to prevent the destruction of nutrition and denaturation/decay of foods to keep them fresh for a long time. In addition, the product is a lively breathing container which lock on all sides with silicon packing to prevent moisture evaporation, thereby keeping the content fresh.


It is OK to use BIOKIPS after microwave heating from refrigerator.

Promotion price RM 22.90.

You can select any flavour of cookies. To view the full list of the cookies available, please click here.